Golnoor Company

The company has put planning and meeting the various needs of the “lighting industry and art” at the top of its activities and by relying on its resources has been able to gain a privileged position in this industry in the IRAN and the Asia. 

Golnoor  Company has used the relationship between lighting and life in its profession.

The increasing growth of new technologies in the lighting industry on a global scale requires that while using these technologies, we take steps towards achieving efficient research and development, training human resources with a practical attitude and expanding relevant specialized laboratories. Therefore, in Golnoor Company, considering the mission and organizational mission, key issues and knowledge base in the field of lighting research and development have been targeted and it is being implemented in the form of eight specialized departments.

It is hoped that the activities of these departments will promote lighting knowledge, establish organized communication with international communities, support lighting designers and create opportunities for the creation of pure Iranian ideas in the lighting industry.

For further information about Golnoor please see www.Golnoor.com