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Atexor is a company with a history spanning over almost 60 years. The two companies that have formed Atexor, Centaurea Oy and Mica Elektro Oy Ltd. both shared a passion for safe and comfortable working environments. This passion has created the success that today is called Atexor.

The Finnish defense forces asked Centaurea to create portable, explosion-proof work lights for aircraft maintenance. Thus began the era of SLAM® portable lighting solutions for hazardous areas.

Further south in the Finnish capital Helsinki, a young engineer named Matti Öhman was working in his garage on a problem. The year was 1983, and his cousins, both firefighters, were constantly struggling with their handheld lights. The lights used ordinary batteries, and there were never enough on hand. In the worst cases, they had to stop at the local store on the way to a fire.

The rechargeable handheld lights on the market were notoriously unreliable and even dangerous. Öhman set about making a durable handheld light with a strong, rechargeable battery with electronics designed to maximize safety. When he gave his first prototypes to his cousins for testing they were ecstatic. Mica Elektro and MICA products were born, and the rest, as they say, is history.

For further information about ATEXOR please see www.Atexor.com

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