Sigma, which is one of the most leading Company in Turkish electromechanical Area, started its business with MCB(Miniature Circuit Breaker) in its own factory established in 1993 in Istanbul and continues to invest Turkish economy with its new projects improved with each passing day.

In Sigma Elektrik all the working process from planning to the marketing are carried out under the guarantee of ISO 9000 Quality Management System. Each product is produced properly according to the IEC, EN and International Standards and after making quality controls, the products are dispatched to the customers.

Today Sigma Elektrik produces Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers, L/V Contactors, LV Current Transformers and all low voltage switchgear components in its own factory in Istanbul/Turkey. Sigma which focuses on total quality management concept, aims to be one of the leading Brand in Turkey as well as throughout the world in accordance with short medium and long terms in 5 years.

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